General Dentistry

General Dentistry in Mississauga, ON

As you continue your daily at-home oral hygiene practices, you should also visit Goreway Dental Centre for regular checks and cleanings. Some dental issues grow silently, and if not spotted early on, you could suffer serious problems that require invasive, lengthy, and costly restorative treatments. Our general dentistry in Mississauga, ON, highlights the need for preventive care. Our collection of general dentistry services entails the following:

Exams, Cleanings, and Sealants

We do dental exams because they are crucial for maintaining healthy smiles and catching dental issues quickly. Our dental cleanings will refresh your mouth and be free of biofilm, tartar, and food leftovers. Our general dental clinic also provides other protective treatments like fluoride and sealants.

Fillings & Root Canal Treatment

Root canal infection can put you at risk of losing teeth besides the pain it causes. Sometimes, it can be silent, particularly when the living nerve ends have been damaged or are dead. Our general practice dentistry allows you to receive root canal treatment to stop the pain and save your tooth. We provide fillings if you have cavitated teeth.

Extractions, Dental Bridges, Dentures, & Implants

Once your teeth are lost, it is prudent you replace them. Failure to replace missing teeth can bring many problems, including damage to other teeth, misalignment, and aesthetic concerns.

We surgically place dental implants, helping reestablish your bite’s full function and health after tooth loss. Our dental bridges help regain your bite function when a few teeth are lost. Additionally, our general dental office provides dentures that can be partial or complete. We also do tooth extractions whenever necessary.

Crowns & Bonding

We have restorative treatments that work to repair damaged teeth, such as crowns and bonding. Our dentist in Mississauga addresses dental problems with crowns and bonding, including fractures, breaks, chippings, discolorations, and enamel wear.

For all your dental care needs, contact Goreway Dental Centre today. We are your primary dental care provider, and our general dentistry near you works to bring back full function and good health of teeth and gums.